Universal pharmacare needed to address employment iniquities

In yesterday’s Throne Speech, the Trudeau Liberals promised to help people who are sick to get the help they need. The government acknowledged that too many Canadians suffer financial hardship because of the cost of their medications. Our patchwork system of 100 public and over 100,000 drug plans is failing us. We need change now. 

Despite this recognition, the government provided no indication of what steps it will take towards implementing a national pharmacare plan, or whether the plan will be public, cover all safe and effective medications, and be accessible to everyone.

CUPE talks pensions and ending privatization at international conference

This week in Amsterdam, progressive voices from across the world including labour leaders, researchers, and grassroots activists, are coming together to talk about bringing public services back in house.

The Future is Public conference continues the work CUPE does with our Canadian and international allies to end privatization and demand strong, well-funded public services.

Economic Directions - Winter 2020

Check out the latest economic trends at a glance.

Economic growth

The Bank of Canada projects that real Gross Domestic Product will only grow by 1.5 per cent for 2019, citing low commodity prices and global trade conflicts. The bank expects slightly higher growth of 1.7 per cent for 2020 and 1.8 per cent for 2021.


The unemployment rate remains low at 5.5 per cent nationally. Even so, the proportion of workers holding more than one job is at its highest point ever, reaching 6.0 per cent in October 2019.