The Delta School District’s Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Steering Committee would like to have a “contact” person at every school to support the implementation of our procedures.
As a contact, you will be asked to:

  • -receive information and resources from the district steering committee
  • -distribute information/resources to school staff
  • -liaise with the district steering committee
  • -assist with the vetting of resources
  • -be identified to the school community (through posters, newsletters, assemblies) as an open, accepting staff member for LGBTQ students or families.
  • -attend a training session

There is no expectation for you to be an “expert” on the topic, or to act as a counsellor. You simply need to be willing to listen and help find needed information and/or resources. If you are interested in acting as a contact for our committee, please advise your school’s administrative team.

Delta School District's Sexual Orientation/Gender Diversity Steering Committee
Maryann Cardwell, Trevor Spilchen, Elaine Greenhalgh, Viji Shanmugha, Rod Allnut, Ian Reade, Susan Lim, Steve Cowan, Jeanette Beaulieu, Matt Carruthers

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